The Mummy Returns

The Mummy Returns (2001) movie poster

(2001) dir. Stephen Sommers

So, yes, I was catching up on all of the summer flicks that I missed in 2001. None of these had managed to inspire me to get out to see them theatrically (though I think that these types of action flicks tend to fare better on the big screen, being special effects shows that for some reason work better in the big and loud than on the small screen).

Eleanor had enjoyed the first Mummy film quite a bit, seeing it as picking up its mantle from Raiders of the Lost Ark and taking off into action/fantasy — which is totally clear. I appreciated the reinvention of a classic “monster” movie, the like of which I lived for as a small child, though in reality, The Mummy was far more Indiana Jones than it was Boris Karloff.

The sequel wound up reckoning a bit too much of Temple of Doom, what with its precocious and annoying child added to the mix of actors that reprised their roles from the initial film.

The whole film was imagined on a grander scale and with more fantasy elements, including some pretty amusingly over-the-top designs. Some of which was pretty interesting. Other parts less so.

All in all it lacked any genuine fun that the first film generated — for whatever reason. Like going through the motions makes for good adventure fun.

I did like the pygmy cannibals, though.

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