With a Friend Like Harry…

With a Friend Like Harry… (2000) movie poster

(2000) dir. Dominik Moll
viewed: 05/23/02

This was a good, entertaining, mildly disturbing comedy/thriller.

Harry, an old forgotten classmate of the protagonist shows up suddenly in a French roadside bathroom and reinserts himself into his former classmate’s life, joining him and his young family at their dilapidated farmhouse in the country for a few days. Quickly it turns out that Harry is an ardent fan of the lost teenage writings of Michel, the protagonist, and is motivated at whatever cost to see Michel complete his unfinished novel (about monkey’s with propellers on their heads). It is absurd and beautiful.

Harry is an evil muse. He reawakens Michel’s long-forgotten yen to write, but begins to see that all of the members of Michel’s family are impediments to his creative process, killing them off and clearing the way for Michel to complete his opus. It’s a discourse on the creative process and a rather cynical one at that, though always it retains a rather smiling cynicism.

The film is clever and funny. Eleanor and I both enjoyed it.

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