Resident Evil

Resident Evil (2002) movie poster

(2002) dir. Paul W.S. Anderson
viewed: 08/14/02

Unsurprisingly, this movie wasn’t very good.

Based on a video game that I have never played, I certainly didn’t bring any preconceptions to this film…other than that I would have been impressed if it had an interesting narrative.

It didn’t.

The film is more like a scenario, with a lot of action thrown in. The scenario: in an underground facility, a chemical is released, turning all of the people into flesh-eating zombies, the team that goes in to investigate gets trapped, and has to fight their way out. The action: lots of videogame-inspired set-pieces, with zombies, zombie Dobermans, and a digitally-animated monster.

The scenario hit a couple of hot button issues: giant, evil corporations and chemical warfare, but not to any interesting extent. I think a version of this film with a lot less explication could have been more startling. To set some unnamed characters down in a scenario that just simply “is” a certain way would have some more visceral reading, like a dream that makes no sense.

Ah, but this film was just too shallow and empty to offer much. The commentary track, which I gave a brief listen to, turned out to be one of the most amazingly stupid that I have ever heard, with Milla Jovovich describing her favorite tv shows and talking about passing gas. While Michelle Rodriguez proved that though she had shot an entire film with Milla, she had failed to learn to pronounce her name correctly. This was all in the first ten minutes!

The film lacked anything dynamic. There was a lot of suggested gore, but a distinct lack of desire to show it. It almost made me yearn for the over-the-top period of gross-out low-budget horror films. I mean, these were zombies after all. The whole thing was really uninteresting.

Michelle Rodriguez sure can scowl, though. I will give her that.

Oh well, like you were going to see this film anyways.

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