Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl (2001) movie poster

(2001) dir. Jez Butterworth
viewed: 08/15/02

Nicole Kidman as a Russian mail-order bride. With a pretty bad Russian accent.

That was enough to interest me in this film enough to see it.

It turns out that this film is English,…which I didn’t know. It also turns out that Ben Chaplain, the male lead in this film, is also English,…which I also didn’t know. It also turns out that this film is more of a black comedy than an out-and-out thriller,…which…you guessed it…I also didn’t know.

The American marketing of a film is not always the best way to find out about a film.

Anyways, it’s not bad. It’s moderately fun, in fact. I think I would have liked it to have been a little more dark and spooky. But that may well just be the lingering after-effects of expectation.

For a romantic comedy, it’s quite dark. For a noir-ish thriller, it’s quite light. It all depends on your, or in this case, my perspective.

The portrayal of Russians in the film is a little stereotypical, though I do suppose that the film tries to find the characters’ humanity, and as a result, isn’t quite as bleak as it tends towards in their depiction. It was rather amusing to note that the only Russians on the set were the voice and language coaches. The rest of the Russians were played by French actors.

Maybe the Russian that they speak is very flawless,…I wouldn’t know.

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