Evil Dead Trap

Evil Dead Trap (1988) movie poster

(1988) dir. Toshiharu Ikeda
viewed: 10/31/02

I had such a little burst of seeing films that I wound up with a bit of a glut of diary entries to create. Somehow, I missed out that I hadn’t written on this film. I had selected this film as my Halloween horror film treat. I had remembered seeing that it had played at the Roxie a couple of years back and that it had sounded pretty interesting. I don’t think that I had realized at the time that the film was so old (almost fifteen years now), but I thought that I would give it a run.

Interestingly, the scenario of Evil Dead Trap, like the more recent Japanese horror film Ringu (1998), includes a spooky videotape of mysterious origin. The contents of this one, however, are more like a premanatory snuff film, and act more as a catalyst for the action, rather than the story’s main device. The video is anonymously sent into a late night television program that features home-made videos, and its gruesome depictions spur a foursome of journalists to investigate its origin. They are lead to an abandoned factory/warehouse where they are killed one by one by evil forces.

Exactly what happens/happened in the ending, I am not sure. I was very tired and it was late, and as a result the ending is totally muddled in my mind. Since being really drowsy while I watched this film impaired my memory of it, I won’t try to speculate as to what this film was really about.

The film is derivative of a number of major trends in the genre, with nods to Cronenberg, Argento, and Raimi, and lacks that certain je ne sais quoi that would give it any keen points of interest. Though, contextualizing it within the horror films of its period, it’s perhaps not terrible, but not overly remarkable either.

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