The Princess and the Warrior

The Princess and the Warrior (2000) movie poster

(2000) dir. Tom Tykwer
viewed: 12/25/02

Tom Tykwer’s follow-up to his energetic 1998 hit film, Run Lola Run, explores similar broad themes to its predecessor, such as love and fate, but does so at a much slower pace. Run Lola Run was fun but potentially gimmicky with it’s pounding disco beat and nearly constant movement. The Princess and the Warrior stars Tykwer’s girlfriend, Franka Potente (the previous film’s title character), and so points of comparison are tempting to make.

In Run Lola Run, Tykwer offered three different outcomes to an initial pivotal moment, which worked as a simple, somewhat humorous glance into the nature of fate and the degree of one’s personal control over such things. In the world of The Princess and the Warrior, the power over one’s fate is not so much a multiple choice test, but is rather vague and dreamlike. The events of both films involve a character’s desperate attempts at attaining money; only in the end do they realize that love or a “loved one” is much more significant.

This movie isn’t bad, but it’s fairly slow and unremarkable. Some of the film’s moments are strong, but the many overlapping connections of “fate” are pretty convoluted and obvious. I don’t really have a lot else to say about it.

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