For a Few Dollars More

For a Few Dollars More (1965) movie poster

(1965) dir. Sergio Leone
viewed: 07/05/03

Oddly, For a Few Dollars More, I always thought of as the lesser of the trilogy, partially because I had a bit of a hard time remembering the plot from it, compared with the other two films. As it turns out on this viewing, that it’s actually pretty cool in it’s own right.

It features one of my favorite shots from all of the films. Lee Van Cleef, as Civil War Veteran turned bounty hunter, Col. Douglas Mortimer, sees the Wanted poster for villain, El Indio. The camera flashes back and forth with greater and greater rapidity and in tighter and tighter close ups between the image of El Indio back in to Van Cleef’s glaring eyes. Each flash is punctuated with the sound of gunfire, “Pow!” “Pow!” “Pow!” “Pow!” “Pow!” “Pow!” “Pow!” “Pow!” “Pow!”

Funny, now that it’s been a month since I saw this one, again much of it has faded away. It’s definitely still great fun to watch.

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