Bob le flambeur

Bob le flambeur (1955) movie poster

(1955) dir. Jean-Pierre Melville
viewed: 08/09/03

This is the third Jean-Pierre Melville film that I have seen, and the first that I have seen on DVD, since I have had the good luck to watch Le Samouraï (1967) and Le Cercle rouge (1970) at the Castro Theater, which is obviously preferable. At least this time, I was watching a DVD on a decent-sized television screen at a friend’s house, much better than the small screen I have at home. This film is the earliest of Melville’s films that I have seen and potentially the most significant. And as where his other films I have seen are sort of post-French New Wave, in style and vintage, this film is almost pre-New Wave (if that is an accurate statement to make or not).

Like the other films of Melville’s that I have seen, it is slickly produced and fun to watch. The opening shots of the sleepy dawn on the rough Parisian streets, lingering on the neon lights, are stunningly romanticized, even when attempting to show the wrong side of the tracks.

Despite really liking this film, I am not finding much to say about it. I thought that Isabelle Corey, as the sexually precocious Anne, was something quite notable, too.

Undoubtably cool film.

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