Too Many Ways to be No. 1

Too Many Ways to be No. 1 (1997) movie poster

(1997) dir. Ka-Fai Wai
viewed: 09/12/03

Too Many Ways to be No. 1 is a pretty wacky Hong Kong thriller/comedy that I watched as part of my delving into the Johnny To productions. The visual and narrative approach bore some French New Wave via Wong Kar-Wai sort of influence, featuring a two versions of the narrative playing out in which the gang either goes to Mainland China (in which they all die) or to Taiwan (in which they all become rich and powerful. I have read that this was perhaps a commentary on the then-contemporary hand-over of Hong Kong back to the rule of mainland China. This would be an interesting read on this film, but I wish that I had found time to write about it back closer to the time that I had seen it. Because right now, that’s all I’ve got on it. It was interesting, for sure.

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