All the Real Girls

(2003) dir. David Gordon Green
viewed: 10/20/03

Was this movie bad or was it just me? I had read a number of glowing things about this film, and I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe something along the lines of Terrence Malick or something (though I know that is shooting pretty high).

Not 20 minutes into it, I was wondering if I should go any further. I have a pretty high threshold with bad films, but not usually romance genre stuff. This film attempted to have a naturalistic character, showing young love and the way simple relationships can fail. Certain parts of it worked better than others. Zooey Deschanel, the female lead, I thought pulled off her material pretty well. But Paul Schneider, the male lead who also co-wrote the script with director David Gordon Green, was almost laugh out loud bad at times. I couldn’t really place my finger on what it was that annoyed me about him and his character. He looked a little old to be acting so young and seemed like his character was just supposed to be stupid. When he spoke some of the lines that were sort of nonsense non-sequiturs, it felt really put on. As did some of the heartfelt sentimental stuff that other characters got to tell to one another.

I really don’t know what kept me with this film, other than I felt like I had to try and figure out if it was going to come together a little more. I will admit that it had moments that felt quite real, but I kept surfacing to finding this a pretentious piece of shit.

I also can’t say what really annoyed me so much about it. Just that it was bad.

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