The Source

The Source (1999) DVD cover

(1999) dir. Chuck Workman
viewed: 01/04/04

I remembered when this documentary came out originally and thinking that though it got sort of mixed reviews that I wanted to go and see it. With the deaths or William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, the last of the major figures from the Beat movement had passed on. The media was being reflective and it didn’t seem like a bad idea.

I’ve been reading Kerouac a bit over the last couple of years, enjoying the connection to San Francisco and California. I’ve been thinking of reading some more Burroughs, too. I’ve only read one of his books and it was years ago. So, I find the subject interesting.

The documentary is not brilliant. It’s okay. They use Johnny Depp, John Turturro, and Dennis Hopper in dramatic readings which are shot in cheesy ways that make this film already seem dated despite being only 5 years old, which is maybe a harsher criticism of a documentary, since they usually rely on archival footage, which makes them a little harder to date.

I have been wanting to see What Happened to Kerouac? (1985) again. I guess that I must have seen it near its initial release because the date sounds about right. You may see that show up here sometime, who knows?

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