Underworld (2003) movie poster

(2003) dir. Len Wiseman
viewed: 01/09/04

This movie has a concept that I would have found pretty much as cool as it gets when I was ten years old. The vampires versus the werewolves in a sort of all out war. Problem is, I haven’t been ten years old in 24 years or so. But it has some appeal to that side of me, I guess. I rented it, didn’t I?

Really, it’s Anne Rice meets The Matrix but with lots of weaponry, and oh, yeah,…werewolves. Does Anne Rice write about werewolves? Not to show my general ignorance, but I honestly have never read her work.

The film is shot with such a muted palette that it’s almost black and white at times. And at one point, I realized that it might actually be a lot cooler if it was all in black and white and not just muted with gels and filters and their computerized equivalents.

The characters are all supposed to be cool and gothy, serious beyond the pale (pun intended), and the world is so lacking in irony, that…I don’t know. I lack an analogy.

All that said, it was not utterly unentertaining, though I felt like I was looking forward to it being over in the last 20 minutes or so. It may ultimately become a pretty typical marker of the period of post-Matrix science fiction, though one could argue that it’s just as influenced by such lesser films as Blade (1998) and who knows what else? I can guarantee that there is someone out there for whom this film is utterly wonderful. I don’t probably know them, but they probably wear a reasonable amount of black.

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