Ghost World

Ghost World (2000) movie poster

(2000) dir. Terry Zwigoff
viewed: 02/21/04

I’d seen this film before in the theater back in 2000 when it was released originally. I have been a fan of Daniel Clowes and the original comic from which this film was adapted. I remembered liking it when I saw it the first time, and in comparing it to American Splendor (2003), I was saying that I thought that it was a fairly effective adaptation. So, I thought that I would watch it again to see if I still felt that way about it.

It is still good, though I guess that I liked it less than I had originally, and I think this is somewhat due to having reviewed the comic to some extent prior to watching it this time. I mean, the film still feels very much like something familiar and real and easy enough to relate to. But it lacks the pauses and silences of the comic, which I think has a simple poetry to the images, which is much more communicative.

Anyways, this film still captures the late teen, early 20’s doldrums of small town life and boredom better than most attempts.

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