Thirteen (2003) movie poster

(2003) dir. Catherine Hardwicke
viewed: 02/25/04

I’d read good things about this film, which chronicles the bad things that young teenage girls can get up to. It’s almost like an exploitation film in a sense, rife with things meant to read as shock value, I think. And I am certain that for those old enough to identify with the mother’s character, played by Holly Hunter, rather than with the teenager Tracy, played by Evan Rachel Wood or Evie, played by Nikki Reed (who also co-wrote the script with director Catherine Hardwicke), I think this film might even be like a parenting version of those car crash scare movies that they used to show in Driver’s Ed. “This could be you. Beware.”

This said, I think that the film does attempt to show the teenagers’ world with some veracity via the creative input of Nikki Reed. I guess that it says something about my age that I was more in tune with the mother than the daughter. Or maybe not just me, maybe that is still the slant of the film.

My main problem with the film was a combination of its sort of exploitative nature was the horrible hand-held camerawork and general cinematography.

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