DiG! (2004) movie poster

(2004) dir. Ondi Timoner
viewed: 05/28/2005

DiG! is a documentary about the rise and fall of Anton Newcombe and The Brian Jonestown Massacre in contrast with the steady rise of their friend Courtney Taylor’s band, The Dandy Warhols. It’s a study in rock’n’roll of ego, purported genius, success and failure, and mental illness. Anyone with any connection to music can easily recognize the scene here, the indulgence and the foolishness. Whether or not Newcombe is truly a genius, I have to say that further research would be required, but it is clear that many of the people in the film believe in him. He just seemed like an asshole to me.

One Reply to “DiG!”

  1. Anton is such a swirling blizzard of contradictions. At times gentle and introspective and yet phoney in a way. Then focused and clear in his quest for stardom and yet confused in his pathetic inebriation. But, it’s his rage that explodes into violence at his gigs that undercuts and ruins everything.
    But, it is yet hilarious, too. What a guy! A disgusting loser, but brilliant in some of his moves. I like the part where he sells some gear to pay for a pro photo shoot that gets his band in a major publication. I pity his obsession with his band and his addiction. Anybody who has been in a band with any level of success can learn from this movie.

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