The Brown Bunny

The Brown Bunny (2003) movie poster

(2003) dir. Vincent Gallo
viewed: 09/01/2005

Ever wonder what it would be like to ride around in a pick-up truck with a moody, mostly silent Vincent Gallo? Now is your chance to find out. He spends much of the film driving around on a cross-country trip, searching, in ways for his lost love, Daisy. On his way, he encounters many other flower-named women, none of which satisfy his search.

It’s very slow and somewhat frustrating, until the plot shifts and the audience realizes the story in a new light. And then, it’s sort of haunting.

I liked Gallo’s Buffalo ’66 (1998), and in the end, I think I liked this film. It’s very depressing, so I don’t know if “liked” is what I am going for here, but it has a great visual aesthetic and is in some ways, quite moving.

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