They Came Back

They Came Back (2004) movie poster

(2004) dir. Robin Campillo
viewed: 10/15/2005

When the cemetary opens up and teems forth with all the people who have died in the last ten years, the French government is saddled with re-patriotizing these people, like refugees. They are all fully clothed and apparantly in good health, just a little slow and a little weird. Why did they come back? How did they come back?

In the end, perhaps it’s more of a ghost visit than a zombie film. It’s sort of interesting with the zombie’s low body temperatures and their banal attitudes, coming back to work, finding their families, but ultimately it’s all so understated and unclear. There is a lot interesting in the concept and there is something in the sterile, unemotional tone that leans on social criticism. But ultimately, this film is pretty mediocre and bland. Are the living dead as dead as the living? I liked the ideas of the returners coming back and having meetings in board rooms.

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