The Interpreter

The Interpreter (2005) movie poster

(2005) dir. Sydney Pollack
viewed: 11/19/2005

The Interpreter is a political thriller with two of the more interesting Hollywood stars, Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman, in the leading roles. Penn doesn’t do a whole lot of acting and is usually quite compelling, not typically selecting garbage in which to appear. Kidman is in lots of stuff from interesting and great to pedestrian and probably pretty awful (I never did see Bewitched (2005), but it doesn’t sound good.) This film got a lot of decent critical reviews, and while it wouldn’t have made it to the top of my queue to watch, it was a quick grab at the video store for the night.


It’s not bad. It’s not great. Kidman and Penn solidify what is actually a pretty standard thriller, really nothing to write home about.

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