Robots (2005) movie poster

(2005) dir. Chris Wedge, Carlos Saldanha
viewed: 12/09/2005

I wasn’t so interested in seeing this film when it came out. I didn’t like the style of design of the characters or the cities. They seem so ornate as to be confusing. All of the robots and like cobbled-together contraptions, which is all part of the story, but visually, for me, it doesn’t read well. The cityscapes as well, often viewed hurtling around at high speeds, is very difficult to grasp onto. And I found this a problem throughout the film. Though, it might have read better on the big screen.

The narrative is so traditional and sappy at times that it’s absolutely nausiating. Sometimes filmmakers think that there has to be a message and if their assumed audience is young enough, then it needs to be made with a sledgehammer to drive the point home. “Keep believing in your dreams!” It’s enough to drive one to suicide.

My son found the whole thing a bit over his head, but laughed hysterically at the slapstick moments and really loved the roller coaster-esque travel sequence. As I have said, the whole thing is vaguely baroque, in the elaborate detail of everything onscreen to the crammed-in hilarity of Robin Williams’ delivery of his character Fender (which was still shockingly less annoying than I anticipated). It’s busy and hectic, and oddly enough, when it slows down it gets sickly sappy. It was pretty downright disappointing.

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