Kontroll (2003) movie poster

(2003) dir. Nimród Antal
viewed: 12/24/2005

A dark little Hungarian film shot in the Budapest subway system. It interested me since I had travelled in that subway system years ago and remembered how interesting it looked. It makes for great location shots and there is a compelling world created there within.

The film is sort of a fantasy, an “underground” (multiple meanings here) world of insane ticket collectors (so crazy and perverse that the film opens with a disclaimer by the manager of the transit system saying that this film is pure fiction and that the ticket inspectors don’t behave like they do in the movie). It’s funny and the characters are quirky and amusing, as is their world.

The film never really clarifies how literal some things are, leaving quite a bit open to interpretation, which is usually a good thing — and maybe it is here, too.

I liked the film. I thought it was fun. And though I have forgotten more than I know about it, it might be an interesting companion piece to Luc Besson’s 1985 film Subway

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