The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm (2005) movie poster

(2005) dir. Terry Gilliam
viewed: 01/09/06

Terry Gilliam is one of those directors of whom I will watch pretty much anything he makes. It’s not that his work is consistantly great, but rather that it is consistantly different and unusual. And, of course, he has made some very good films, too.

I’d heard that The Brothers Grimm was not very good and knew that it had been sitting on shelves, so to speak, waiting for a release date for some time. That is often a sign of a movie with which studios do not know what to do. Still, even so, I kind of liked the concept of the titular brothers going around Europe pretending to root out witches and horrors until they end up facing one that is real. The story weaves around a bit of fairy tale stories and reconfigures them in amusing ways. And the tone of the film is pretty good, light and funny.

But it’s not that great. I’m not a particular fan of Heath Ledger or Matt Damon, but they actually do pretty well here. The narrative gets a little cheesy with some of the more dramatic parts that it tries to pull off and the female lead is sort of a pretty lame faux-feminist sort of character. That part of it lacks imagination.

There are moments when one feels that there was real potential here. But in the end, it’s not great. That said, I didn’t mind the film. It may be a lowlight in Gilliam’s career thusfar, but it’s not totally embarrassing.

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