Save the Green Planet!

Save the Green Planet! (2004) movie poster

(2004) dir. Jun-hwan Jeong
viewed: 03/09/06

My little Korean film fetish may have run itself out on this film.

Recommended by a friend (and by Netflix), I didn’t know much about this film. Though it scores some points for bizarreness, this black comedy is a pretty mixed bag, in my opinion. This crazy guy kidnaps his former boss, saying that he is a space alien who communicates telepathically through his hair. This has potential.

The comedy is largely pretty broad, but the film is very dark. The main character has been abused and mistreated throughout his life, suffering many tragedies that perhaps lead to “explain” his mania. There is something oddly depressing about this story, really. It’s sad.

One of the things that has struck me about the Korean films that I have seen this year is a common thread of social consciousness. References to cultural events and psychological bases for characters’ motivations seem prevalent in all of them. I wish that I knew a little more cultural history to understand it a little more.

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