Darkness (2002) movie poster

(2002) dir. Jaume Balagueró
viewed: 05/15/06

This somewhat incomprehensible and sloppy horror flick strives to take the “high road” in regards to it’s scares. It’s not mainly one about cheap thrills, but atmosphere and some convoluted plot about some religious order trying to bring about the end of the world.

Really, I don’t hardly recall this movie when it came out, but decided that I wanted to see an Anna Paquin flick and horror films or other schlocky genre stuff can be pretty fun. This one, however, was a little on the dull side and lots of things didn’t make any sense to me.

Though the film is set somewhere in Spain, there is hardly anything Spanish at all in it. A couple of characters have Spanish accents, but everyone else is American and speaks noninflected English. And the attitudes of the parents are really weird. I couldn’t ever tell if the father or the mother were meant to be complicit in the evil because they seemed so blase about the abuse wrought on the younger brother and their relationship with Paquin was never really explained. The father’s issues wound up being tied to mental illness, which explained some of it and seems like it might have been ripe for more investigation, but it’s all pretty lame.

Anna Paquin is cute. But she doesn’t carry this movie or embarrass herself or anything, so there wasn’t a lot to dig into here. You should probably forget that I ever mentioned it.

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