Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek (2005) movie poster

(2005) dir. Greg McLean
viewed: 05/19/06

Of all the edgy horror/splatter flicks that have been buzzing around like High Tension (2003) and Hostel (2005), Wolf Creek is probably the best (best still doesn’t necessarily signify “great”, mind you). It’s nothing incredibly original. I mean, it’s “young people meet a serial killer in an isolated spot and gore and violence ensue.” That’s the story, and though it claims to be based on real events, it’s only loosely true.

It has some narrative surprises, but nothing incredible which I won’t detail it for spoiler reasons. The film is shot in Western Australia, which is stark and beautiful, a significant part of the character and appeal of this film. The setting is secluded and lonely, like parts of America used to seem. The film seems particularly interested in its Australian-ness, with a villain who seems to be a Randy Quaid-esque Australian hick, probably a grotesque caricature, maybe not the film’s strength. It is interesting that he is a person, who has significant dialogue, not just some voiceless, personality-deprived murderer. Still, it’s a simplified thing in a lot of ways. Uber-killers usually are.

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