Thumbsucker (2005) movie poster

(2005) dir. Mike Mills
viewed: 05/27/06

Tepid indie fare. A coming of age story about a teenager who sucks his thumb. There are some good performances by Tilda Swinton and Vince Vaughn and others. And a typically strange and representational performance by Keanu Reeves as an orthodontist. There are moments of true quality but it’s mostly low-key and not overly substantial, I would say.

There is an interesting analysis of Ritalin as a treatment for the main character. And some of his journey is interesting. I think that the portrayal of his parents is one highlight. The best sequence is when he gets his Debate Team teacher to buy him and a bunch of girls beer in a hotel room and they have a pillow fight. I don’t mean this for voyeuristic reasons, mind you. This film is not bad, but not amazing either.

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