Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane (2006) movie poster

(2006) dir. David R. Ellis
viewed: 08/26/06 at Metreon, SF, CA

Motherfuckin’ snakes on a motherfuckin’ plane.

This film delivers on its premise and promise, which is essentially just that.  It’s totally ridiculous and it doesn’t have any pretensions that it’s not.  It’s downright laugh-out-loud funny, especially with a hyper hyped-up Saturday night audience that is still buzzing from this movie’s internet pre-release fan fest.  People were loving this movie, laughing and jumping and quoting lines right along with it, cheering Samuel L. Jackson the moment he hit the screen.  It really was a fun night out at the movies.  It really delivered the goods.

It’s totally silly.  The first snake bite is on a woman’s nipple, the second is on a man’s penis.  I was wondering where there were going to go from there.  But it’s full of funny little asides and jokes and sight gags.  It’s really almost a comedy.  But it’s probably better being played “straight” than otherwise.

The film is hip to itself, unlike so many of the B-movies that have forged the notion of what B-movies consist typically.  With an estimated budget at $33 million, this is B-movie stuff of this era, featuring only Samuel L. Jackson as a marketable star.  But somewhere along the way, this film became an internet legend before it even got going and the hype has become history.  In this case, the hype was largely just people getting into the notion of an overly silly movie concept played out with some relish and it really was worth the trip.

I don’t know how this film will seem years from now.  Will it be appreciated largely for the merits that it is presently appreciated?  People enjoying gruesome silliness and semi-camp characters cut from a catalog of cliches?  Who knows?  And to some extent, who cares?

This is a film of the moment and seeing it in that context was a total blast.

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