Art School Confidential

Art School Confidential (2006) movie poster

(2006) dir. Terry Zwigoff
viewed: 10/20/06

Awful.  Just awful.  In fact, it’s hard to believe that anything written by Daniel Clowes of Eightball fame could be so completely devoid of cleverness or wit.

Director Terry Zwigoff who came to fame with the brilliant documentary Crumb (1994) and who had worked with some success with Clowes on the more successful adaptation from his comics of Ghost World (2001) started showing his truly poor colors with Bad Santa (2004) and totally bottoms out here.  This film has the sophistication of The Revenge of the Nerds films or other outsider college comedies of the 1980’s.  It’s insights and critiques have no real depth at all and the entire thing is utterly unfunny, unamusing, and downright awful.

A total piece of crap.

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