Thank You For Smoking

Thank You For Smoking (2005) movie poster

(2005) dir. Jason Reitman
viewed: 11/10/06

This comedy, written and directed by the son of director Ivan Reitman, is not bad.  It has moments of genuine cleverness and doesn’t careen into annoying too often.  It’s fairly interesting, though not really compelling.

Ostensibly about the cigarette industry’s top P.R. guy, who can spin so hard that people often reeling after he hits them, the film follows the story arc of crisis and morality and doesn’t try to get too heavy-handed in preaching the light that is “cigarettes kill”.  The ending has some sense of morality, though also some lack thereof, which earns it some credit.  Still, this film really wasn’t as interesting or clever as it sometimes seems to think it is.  Overall, though, not bad.

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