The Return

The Return (2006) movie poster

(2006) dir. Asif Kapadia
viewed: 11/12/06 at Edwards Fresno Stadium and IMAX, Fresno, CA

I was binging on films this day, hitting three in a row, though I had even considered seeing more.  So, I was stretching the limits of what I was genuinely interested in.  I think that horror films have been a favorite of mine for years, though there was a stretch that I shunned them for their crappiness.  Recently, I have re-embraced the genre and have made myself willing to watch almost any horror genre film, but rarely a film such as this in the theater.

I knew very little about this film actually.  I had skimmed a review in the San Francisco Chronicle and otherwise didn’t have any preconceptions.  In reality, it’s not really a horror film, but more or a mystery or suspense film with some supernatural overtones.  It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, who while not a favorite of mine is actually not bad in this kind of film.

The film has some nice location settings, in small town Texas.  It also develops pretty well, slowly unraveling a story that is quite disjointed at first, while building tension in several scenes with the “ghost” of someone from a car crash trailing her.  It’s not shocking or challenging genre conventions, rather it embraces them completely while skirting cliches left and right.

It’s a decent film.  Not great by any means, but decent.  Slightly above average.

There were some obnoxious teenagers, all armed with functional cell phones, but they screamed at all the surprising moments and then laughed about their screaming.  I guess this is one aspect of seeing this kind of film in the cinema that has its charms and challenges in comparison to watching it on DVD.

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