Who Killed the Electric Car?

Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006) movie poster

(2006) dir. Chris Paine
viewed: 12/10/06

Somehow, when I heard of this film, I thought it was going to be about something a bit further in the past.  But it’s not.

This film, despite it’s accusatory sounding name and it’s list of guilty parties, is almost too light for the weight of its subject matter.  It’s almost glib.  Or is it just me?  It’s basically saying that big Oil, government, the auto manufacturers, and a California Commission created to drive legislation to force manufacturers to create zero-emission vehicles more and more, basically killed a totally viable, clean solution to replace automobiles that run on a combustion engine and spew fumes and toxins and greenhouse gases and everything awful about automobiles.

Really, it’s damning how they took all these cars back from people who loved them and tore them to shreds.  Not because this is so awful but it goes to underscore the collusion and control that these companies and governments enforce.

The somewhat happy ending that all these Hybrid cars may eventually evolve more and more into fully electric cars is the somewhat ironic twist to all this.

But I have to say, this is really, from a perspective of greed and short-sightedness, is as bad as so many other evil corporate schemes.  No one got killed, only a car, but the crass attitude toward the consumers and the environment is heartless and vile.

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