An Inconvient Truth


An Inconvenient Truth (2006) movie poster

(2006) dir. Davis Guggenheim
viewed: 12/23/06

People frequently joke that this movie is essentially “the greatest PowerPoint presentation of all time”.  And that may be.  It is also a very political film, both in its outward message and in its more hidden agenda, the promotion of Al Gore as a saintly hero, great American, and the guy that should have been the president for the past 7 years.  And you know what?  It’s compelling as hell.

We also found ourselves joking, with notes of irony about how its hardly a joke, that this is the scariest movie to come out in years.  And this is simply because it foretells our doom, the disaster of humanity on the planet Earth with excellent research, scary data and powerfully narrated discourse.  Gore, who was considered such a stiff in his push toward the presidency, shows his calm, laid back, intelligent, and forceful ability to talk openly on the subject that he defines as the most important issue that faces the world today.  He’s excellent as a professor and eloquent and deeply knowledgeable.  He’s amazing.

This is the movie that everyone should see.  It should be mandatory cross the county, cross the world.  Al Gore should be back in government in a role to heighten awareness and make significant changes to policies and planning to bring the U. S. to the Kyoto Protocols.

This film is very much an element of the present.  I have no idea how it might be perceived as the world moves on and changes, whether it moves in the right direction or the wrong ones.  Whether this film is prophetic, or world-changing, or even just flat-out incorrect.   As a dialogue of the moment, based on the best scientific understanding and research that we have available to us, this film is excellent.  It’s powerful.  And I feel very much a fan of Al Gore.

See it.  Make everyone see it.

2 Replies to “An Inconvient Truth”

  1. I often think back on that, the whole PMRC thing, which has essentially simply come into being over the years. Major label CD’s are labelled with Parental Advisories. I don’t know that it turned out to be such a big thing. I guess where it hits the major industry is in distribution at the Wal-Marts and large chains across the country, limiting distribution the way that they do on NC-17 films. It probably hurts film more than music, really. Music, especially with the internet, is more and more accessible than ever. In retrospect, I think that the issue was blown out of proportion, over-reacted to. Tipper keeps a low profile for the most part.

  2. I still need to see this one… I have a deep suspicion I’ll agree with what you wrote. Still, it’s pretty funny he’s married to Tipper. What a pain in the ass she when we were in highschool. Whatever happened to her anyway?

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