I Am a Sex Addict

I Am a Sex Addict (2006) movie poster

(2005) dir. Caveh Zahedi
viewed: 12/30/2006

Caveh Zahedi wrote, directed, stars and exposes himself as a singular narcissist in this autobiographical, semi-documentary, semi-reenactment film about his obsession with prostitutes and his ultimate recognition of his sexual addiction.  It’s mostly comedic, I think, or played for laughs.  Zahedi’s failures in relationships he tends to blame on his sexual addiction, but it’s clear as well, that under the guise of being open and honest, he lacks real empathy for anyone besides himself.

I actually think that the filming of this movie must have been interesting.  He brings some of that into the film, noting that he is using San Francisco to stand in for Paris since he can’t afford to shoot there.  He also plays his 20-year younger self in reenactments of his experiences, occasionally with a pretty funny afro.  He also talks about the actresses in asides, noting that one turned out to be a famous French porn star and another a drunk.  Still, he takes his clothes off a lot and simulates sex with several women.  Why anyone would want to see his scrawny naked body, I could not say.  There is a lot of opportunity.

I’d read about this film in the San Francisco Chronicle, along with an interview with Zahedi, who is a local artist.  It’s pretty funny, if some sort of strange ego-maniacal self-exposure as well.  The documentary about the documentarian.  Still, it is clever at times and low-budget and odd.

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