Slither (1973) movie poster

(1973) dir. Howard Zieff
viewed: 01/19/07

A strange, off-beat comedy loaned and recommended to me by a friend, Slither (1973) leans more to the odd and subtle than the broad side of comedy.  James Caan, in a subdued role as a small time crook just out of prison, is more light and amusing, hardly the tough that he often is known for playing.  It also features a surprising, wacky, and sexy Sally Kellerman and the decidedly nutty Peter Boyle playing an embezzler who hides out as an RV enthusiast (or “Rec Vee” as they refer to it in the film).

The film maintains an entertaining air, hard to guess where it’s going ultimately, a little hard to pin down the tone.  Really, it’s comedy, just a twist on a semi-caper-ish theme.  It has some surprises, some nice moments, some good lines.

Not available on DVD, and not directed by a too-notable filmmaker, I guess this is a bit of a lost cult film.  It’s not entirely Earth-shatteringly good, just decent and surprising and fine.  I liked the ending, the ultimate twist and the final shot.  It all fits together and underscores its character and humor.

Also, I liked the shots of Pismo Beach circa 1973.  Quite different.  Don’t know 100% that that is where it actually shot.  If so, it was kind of neat.

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