Visitor Q

Visitor Q (2001) movie poster

(2001) dir. Takashi Miike
viewed: 02/12/07

Finally, a movie that shows how sex and violence can redeem the conventional family unit!

For Takashi Miike, probably the most prolific and bizarro director working today, this film is often referred to as his most extreme and taboo-rific work.  Which is saying quite a lot.  This film has all kinds of hilarious “shocking” scenes and visuals: heroin addicted mom who prostitutes for her habit and is abused verbally and physically by her son, the son who is harangued by his peers, beaten and abused and humiliated, a sister who is a prostitute, a father who is anally raped with a microphone and airs the footage on his news show, then wants to make a film about his son’s humiliation, the dad murders his lover and then gets aroused and rapes her corpse, but then gets “stuck” when rigor mortis sets in…

This isn’t one to watch with the in-laws.  But it would be a lot of fun to watch with John Waters.  Actually, this film has a lot of Waters-like humor and flavor.  It’s a rip on traditional nuclear family, dysfunctional reality and even the “cures” or therapies that bring about renewed harmonies.

Visitor Q, himself, is a strange, devil/God-like figure, who appears on the scene of this family and in part of his actions, which include kneading the mother’s breasts until they are spurting milk ludicrously.  He works in mysterious ways, for sure.  He hits the family members on the head with rocks to evoke epiphanies.  The catharses end up with the killing of the three teens who have harassed the son.

And the final scene, of the father and the daughter sucking the milk from the mothers freely-flowing nipples…it’s really pretty hysterical.  Miike is a real kook.  It’s hard to know how to react to this other than as a high-camp comedy, yet it’s critique of family stability and redemption and unity are nothing short of hilarious.

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