Smokin’ Aces

Smokin' Aces (2007) movie poster

(2007) dir. Joe Carnahan
viewed: 04/26/07

I’d read that director Joe Carnahan was an interesting, not too well known filmmaker, and despite or perhaps because of the silly over-the-top trailer for the film, with group after group of assassins all honing in on the penthouse suite of a Lake Tahoe hotel to kill a magician/entertainer/mob crony.  It looked like fun.  A little Tarantino-y (the earlier more entertaining stuff), but maybe a bit more broadly comic.

The whole thing is almost cartoon-like, really.  The reality of the film, though, is that despite some moments of clear humor, there is a soberness to the plot, especially in the characters of the FBI agents, the sexy African-American assassins, and even in the wastoid target of all the violence.  The tone of the film just seemed off.  I mean, the racist punk characters are boldly over-the-top, unreal to the Nth degree.

The violence in the film has some surprises.  Carnahan seems to like surprises.  There is a major twist in the film that is also completely ludicrous.  Which also could work if the film was willing to play it that way.  But the film takes the insanity seriously.  To a degree.

It’s entertaining enough and has a lot of interesting actors in it.  Though I could slap Ben Affleck for his crummy part in it.  This should have been a lot more fun.

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