Surf’s Up

Surf's Up (2007) movie poster

(2007) dir. Ash Brannon, Chris Buck
viewed: 06/09/07 at UA Emerybay 10, Emeryville, CA

I don’t know why they called this movie, Surf’s Up, since it’s such a cliche phrase and the fact that this movie will probably always be known as “that surfing penguin movie”, though doubtlessly, sequels, even direct-to-video sequels will need suffixes typically attached as “Surf’s Up 2: The Second Surfing Penguin Movie”.

I mean, that’s that.  It’s the movie about surfing penguins.  It’s done in “mockumentary” style, which really only sort of worked.  Actually, I think it made it a lot more stilted from a narrative perspective.  All the talking to the camera moved away from potential build-ups to funnier moments or even better drama.  Of course, the film is a faux documentary that follows a sense of true surfing history, though via penguins.  And it has an aura of honoring the sport that is genuine, unlike some other films that I’ve seen.

Oddly, I think that the film’s message, about enjoying “surfing” and not worrying about competition comes across fairly well and maybe because of the film’s attitude toward surfing, somehow this cliche ends up playing out with greater legitimacy.

All in all, it’s a decent flick.  Not the best by any means, but not the worst either.  My son was very excited about seeing it from his first notice of it months ago and I think that he enjoyed it pretty well.  There was a little unnecessary cursing, if you ask me and probably that is what made this PG instead of G.  I didn’t really understand why they needed that, to be honest.

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