Strange Behavior

Strange Behavior (1981) movie poster

(1981) dir. Michael Laughlin
viewed: 06/13/07

I’d read a brief article about this film in the San Francisco Chronicle some weeks back that it was playing, a lost 1980’s horror flick.  It sounded kind of interesting.  I’d queued it up on Netflix, and eventually it made it’s way into my DVD player.

It’s kind of interesting.  It is an interesting glimpse into the dawn of the 1980’s, really of its time.  It’s about teenagers possessed by mad scientists, eking out revenge on some townfolk who upbraided them years before.  Actually, none of it really makes that much sense if you really think about it.  It’s best probably not to.

In all, it’s decent, but vaguely boring.  There was a notable bit to the soundtrack, which was by Tangerine Dream.  It includes a Boys Next Door song on the soundtrack, Nick Cave and The Birthday Party’s earlier incarnation before they became The Birthday Party.  Kinda cool, really.

The film has its moments, so if you like dredging the 1980’s in genre films, it’s not a bad one to have on the list.

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