Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate (2007) movie poster

(2007) dir. Katja von Garnier
viewed: 06/15/07

Teen angst, doomed love, Bucharest, Romania, werewolves.

Adapted from a book of the same name, which is a pretty awful name if you ask me, we have a movie about werewolf teens from a long lineage of super-humans and a romance between a pretty “wolf girl” and a goofy American artist human.  Of course, there is some tension between the clan of wolves and the human guy.  Romeo and Juliet with only one faction actually at odds since no one on the human side exists except for the beau.

I think that this film could be most interestingly looked at as either through the lens of the “teen” movie romance or through this new subgenre of werewolf/vampire secret sects that run behind the scenes of life.  Ultimately, there is a bad guy within this “noble” race.  Underworld (2003) and Night Watch (2004) come to mind.  This would be a weak entry in either genre, but genre studies often are built around the genre’s population of mediocre-to-bad examples of genre, which help to demonstrate trends and characteristics that define the genre itself.  If this is your bag,  then go for it.  If not, let the film’s title tell you what little it does and direct you elsewhere in the video arena.

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