Primeval (2007) movie poster

(2007) dir. Michael Katleman
viewed: 06/15/07

Based roughly (very roughly) on the legendary, though real crocodile, Gustave, who inhabits Lake Tanganyika, Burundi, and is rumored to be over 23 feet long and weighs in at nearly a ton, Primeval is a strange mix of Anaconda (1997)-like horror film about a monster man-eating predatory animal and a weak attempt at political commentary about the ruthlessness of the humans in the country of Burundi as well.  There is “little Gustave”, a blood-thirsty, cruel leader of a murderous faction, and I suppose that there is meant to be some comparison, monster to monster.  This is really not done with any real art or skill, and ultimately deflates the film’s chance at being a silly thrill-ride.

Interestingly, this film was marketed weirdly, too.  The campaign promoted a film about a “real life serial killer” who was more prolific than either the Zodiac killer and other inhuman human murderers.  No real mention of crocodiles.  For whatever reason.  Probably because they realized what a turkey they had on their hands.

It’s pretty insipid, but is entertaining enough.  Certainly not worth the effort.

Heck, just read the National Geographic article:   It’s probably a lot more interesting anyways.

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