Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous (1999) movie poster
(1999) dir. Oxide Pang Chun, Danny Pang
viewed: 07/09/07

I’d actually rented this movie five years ago but it wouldn’t play in my DVD player at the time.  I queued it up, and a few DVD players later, I rented it again, particularly after noticing that there is going to be some Hollywood remake of it with Nicolas Cage coming out later this year.  I’d seen The Eye (2002) by the “Pang Brothers” as they are actually listed in the film credits, and it was a decent little flick.  Apparently it’s made several sequels and even a Hollywood remake, too, which is also due out this year.  These guys are cashing in.

Bangkok Dangerous is a stylish story of a deaf-mute hit-man, Kong, his hits, his friends, and his love affair with a beautiful pharmacy clerk.  There is a lot going on with sound and color, playing out Kong’s isolation from the world, from feeling, a benumbed almost surreal life that is only jarred into comprehension of the world by his interaction with Kon, the pretty clerk.  She witnesses his violence and is repulsed by it and as things fall apart, he understands the badness of his life and what he has wrought.

Kong is a very sympathetic character, and while this story can sound pretty unimaginative in some ways, it is actually executed with style and a unique tone, created by the visual treatments and approach.  There is something unique here.  It’s a good film, not a great film, but certainly better than a whole lot of stuff out there.

We’ll see how they integrate into Hollywood.


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