Severance (2006) movie poster

(2006) dir. Christopher Smith
viewed: 10/04/07

This English comedy/horror film can be summed up pretty easily as The Office meets Shaun of the Dead (2004) meets Hostel (2005) with a little Dog Soldiers (2002).  Okay, the last one is really the woods/military part of it.  The others make more sense.  Just add water, shake, boil.

This is a team building corporate retreat gone bad.  A team of The Office-style characters are dumped into the Balkan wilderness by their International Weapons Manufacturing company to build camaraderie and develop interpersonal skills.  It turns out that there is a group of mercenary military-style serial killers running around with a grudge against their firm, apparently.  At first glance, it reminded me of this weird Hotjobs or Monster commercial in which all the office drones are shown running through the woods, getting snared, and trapped.  They should almost ad that to the DVD.

There is some sense of anti-violence, anti-weapons-making.  It’s largely comical.  It’s pretty bloody, too.

Outside of the obvious, I’m not all that sure what the film is really trying to say, though with the lovely gratuitous image near the end of the escort girl semi-topless firing randomly with a machine gun, you kind of get the sense that some of this gratuitousness is just for fun.  So, let’s just leave it at that.

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