Black Sheep

Black Sheep (2006) movie poster

(2006) dir. Jonathan King
viewed: 10/26/07

Kudos to Jonathan King and every human being in New Zealand for finally bringing us a horror movie about sheep.  I’ve found livestock frightening many times myself (especially cows), but now here we have it, a movie about blood-thisty mutant sheep running around the beautiful hills of New Zealand’s farmland.  And a were-sheep.  Who knew?  Who knew that we all needed a were-sheep to complete our lives?  Really?  Who?

So almost all that you knew in the trailer: brilliant comic horror concept, but what is the film really going to be like?  Well, nearing the witching eve of Halloween, it was time to pop a movie like this in the DVD player and find out.

Frankly, beyond the concept and the fairly gruesome gore, the film has a multitude of weaknesses.  The characters are all stock, so stock in the case of the tree-hugging anti-vivisectionist hippies, it’s so lame…and the actress is terrible too.  In fact, it’s a moderately high budget affair, perhaps, too slick in places for its own good, that the whole narrative and climax and everything just moves one to outright boredom.  It’s cruelly unimaginitive beyond its original concept.

That said, there is still something to be said about were-sheep.  I don’t know what there is to say, but I feel it is there.   I mean, I feel it.  I just can’t articulate it.  Were-sheep.  We are now a complete culture.

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  1. Exquisite understanding of the true nature of men and sheep. You’re a fantabulous writer. You’re almost as good as Sean. Have you checked out the Legal Technology Web site? His headlines and your film reviews are the pearl in the oyster. Shuck it.

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