The Invisible

The Invisible (2007) movie poster

(2007) dir. David S. Goyer
viewed: 11/10/07

Sometimes, when I hit the video store, I’ll grab a handful of horror or semi-horror thrillers ranging in such a way that I have a hard time classifying it.  Like why I chose this film.  Has anyone even heard of it?  Anyone that doesn’t either keep up drastically with current Hollywood releases or see trailers at movies, anyone?

I recalled seeing the trailer somewhere along the way.  It’s a teen drama about a kid that is killed (or as it turns out is nearly killed) and winds up in a weird in-between world, invisible to the world around him, though able to follow and listen and try to get people to help find his body or solve the crime before he expires.  It turns out that the only one who can hear him at all is the girl that nearly killed him and he haunts her into guilt and responsibility.

Oddly, as oddly as the film fits into varying genre, the film succeeds more than one might expect.  More than one might expect even a good half an hour into it.  The narrative has a very convoluted set-up with the protagonist, a well-to-do and intelligent and sensitive fellow with issues with his mother who wants to go to London for a writing program, his best buddy who is poorish and drug addicted, the tough cookie girl drug dealer/thief with the sad backstory, her callous criminal boyfriend, thugs, cronies…it’s a lot to swallow.  It’s a teen film, right?  Not a very realistic starting point.

When the protagonist is “killed” by the girl for yet another convoluted misunderstanding, he enters into this invisible life with a very self-righteous attitude, angry and vindictive.  His lessons he learns while invisible is one of sensitivity toward the people of whom he is so judgmental.  Which isn’t such a bad thing.

The film works toward an ending that is more satisfying than one might expect given the story’s convoluted nature and highly suspect understanding of reality.  The cops on this case are more enablers than police officers.

Still, I ended up kind of liking things about this movie.  It’s not a good movie really, but there turns out to be something more interesting at its heart.  It certainly could have been better made and better executed.  But still.  I am sure that no one who reads this will go on to see it.  Not that anyone should necessarily.  I don’t know.

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