Shrooms (2006) movie poster

(2006) dir. Paddy Breathnach
viewed: 04/12/08

This low-end slasher film set in the rural woods of Ireland, amidst a group of backbacking, “shroom”-eating American college students is really pretty lame.  The whole nubile dunderheads getting picked off one-by-one by some threatening killer, a genre whose rebirth has seen a moderate pick-up in the last few years, has come back, but without anything new to add, nor even offering the qualities of their progenitors in the 1980’s.

For this one, knowing that it came and went from theaters pretty quickly, I hadn’t high hopes.  But the novelty of the kids all being high on hallucinogens while they get picked off offered the possibility of something new or novel.  Sadly, though, the “shroom-vision” and the killer’s perspective looks pretty goddam bad.  No matter how decent a notion could be, handed to the wrong creative team it doesn’t have a chance.

It has no flavor whatsoever of genuine Ireland.  Even the Irish guide to the kids has an English accent, explained away by his education in an English public school.  There are backwoods weirdos, Gaelic versions of inbred rednecks, but they hardly speak.  I wonder if this was even filmed in the country.

And for the stock characters, the girls are a little more interesting than the boys, one of whom looks like a poor man’s Jason Mewes of director Kevin Smith’s “Jay and Silent Bob”.  Who knew that anyone actually cultivated that look than Jason Mewes himself?

Anyways, this is not really worth the time, not even for those who might see this just to fill out their checklist of the genre.  But if you are a genre checklist type, then you’ve probably already seen it anyways.

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