Satan’s Baby Doll

Satan’s Baby Doll (1982) movie poster

(1982) dir. Mario Bianchi
viewed: 11/18/08

A heroin addicted patriarch murders his wife when he finds out that she’s had a lesbian affair with their gorgeous, thigh-high stockinged nun.  The wife then possesses their knockout of a daughter who goes around seeking revenge on everyone in the household that she has sex with…which is everybody, including a paraplegic brother to the patriarch.  All this and nudity and some living corpses and catacombs.  And the Italian original title, though apparently correctly translated, still sounds a little better:  La Bimba di Satana.  Bimbos and Satan.

What the hell? It’s tedious and terrible.  All that voyeurism and titilation and Catholocism.  I suppose how someone could find its camp value, but with all of that content, I was terribly bored.  Netflix somehow marketed this to me.  I guess.  Don’t let them do it to you.

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