10,000 BC

10,000 BC (2008) movie poster

(2008) dir. Roland Emmerich
viewed: 01/20/08

Wow.  It’s really great to see pre-history come alive like this.

The caveman (or caveperson, as they like to be known) film is really a fairly small genre.  And really, these folks aren’t even cavepeople.  They are part of a change from the hunter-gatherer culture to the agrarian periods, a step on the evolutional escalator.

Heck, they even get to see the pyramids being built some 7000 years before they were built.  That’s the magic of cinema for you.  That and a kindly interaction with a sabre-tooth tiger, mastodons galore, and some big flightless birds gone wild.  And some cross-cultural bonding that presages the UN by a few millenia.

I’d been wanting to watch some lowbrow fare, some bad movies to balance out my run of really good ones.  Well, this fit right in.  I think it was largely critiqued around the fact that all these hunter-gatherers and such all have perfect orthodontestry, something I guess that we’ve devolved from in the time.  And everyone has dreadlocks and abs of steel.  And a voice-over narration that could have come from a Christmas special.

As bad as it is, it’s not really the cult-inspiring kind of bad.  It did however remind me to revisit such classics as Quest for Fire (1982) and The Clan of the Cave Bear (1986), which as I recall, have more entertaining badness, yet more ambition too.  What should one expect from the director of Stargate (1994), Independence Day (1996) and Godzilla (1998)?

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