The Signal

The Signal (2007) movie poster

(2007) dir. David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry
viewed: 03/03/09

The Signal is a Independent horror film directed by three different guys who worked together throughout the project, each taking one third of the film and segmenting the story.  The story is about a “signal” that is sent out via television screens, phones, radio and it turns everyone that submits to it into a hyper-violent maniac, killing everyone around.

The film shoots a little higher than your average horror film, a psychological critique, a metaphor of brutality and mind control.  It’s also interestingly focused on a love triangle that centers the film as it moves through the city as bodies keep piling up in the roads and blood becomes completely innocuous.  There is humor and absurdity, especially in the middle sequence, at the home of a couple preparing for a new year’s eve party and with everyone experiencing delusions.

Reality is constantly in question, with fantasies played out as if real, only to be snapped back to the actual world.

It’s an interesting film, certainly above the average in regards to its concept.  In some ways it reminded me of some of the aesthetics of “mumblecore”, though it wasn’t trying to cling completely to the base simplicity in that aesthetic.

The middle sequence was the most different.  I wouldn’t have noticed a difference perhaps between the direction in the first and third sequence, but the middle part had the most humor and absurdity.  The first is perhaps the most “scary” while the final sequence is the culminating battle of the love triangle.  Which, actually, seemed more drawn out than necessary.

Overall, an interesting film.  Different.

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