(500) Days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer (2009) movie poster

(2009) dir. Marc Webb
viewed: 12/24/09

This movie, (500) Days of Summer, brought to mind the end of this The Simpsons episode in which Lisa visits a fortune teller and learns of a future love:

Lisa: I thought you said you’d tell me about my true love.
Fortune Teller: Oh, you’ll have a true love. But I specialize in foretelling the relationships where you get jerked around!

Because, really, that is what (500) Days of Summer is all about, the girl (in this case) that one falls for hard, heavy and truly, who basically breaks one’s heart, all while one believes that this was “the” girl.  And in that respect, it’s a romantic comedy about the far more common experience than the experience of finding one’s true, true love as fablized in culture.

The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel.  Gordon-Levitt who grew up as the youngster on Third Rock from the Sun on television, is turning into one of the actors out there who leans toward more interesting work, who I think I’d last seen in Rian Johnson’s Brick (2005).  Deschanel, who is quite cute, also seems kind of annoying, and she’s sort of well-cast here as the cute, whimsical, and spritely girl who quite plainly states that she “doesn’t want a serious relationship” and has the flakiness to back it up.

While the movie has a few smart gags, it’s mostly a bit more low-key and while it’s also set largely to an 1980’s soundtrack of what was once “alternative music” such as Joy Division and The Smiths, I guess that I don’t really know fully what that is meant to imply, if anything.

The 500 days of the title are the days between which Gordon-Levitt’s character meets and falls for “Summer”, Deschanel’s character and the chance opportunity of meeting the girl that helps him “get over” Summer.  It’s a decent flick, with traits that certainly make it understandably appreciatable, but it doesn’t really manage to rise above that to any major degree.

It must be said that it’s not really my “type” of movie, but I like to keep myself honest by keeping up with the genres.

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