Carriers (2009) movie poster

(2009) dir. Àlex Pastor, David Pastor
viewed: 12/26/09

A serious B-movie, this PG-13 rated contagion-based horror film strives for a slightly more significant meaning.  Directed by brother team Àlex and David Pastor, it’s another end of the world via disease movie.  This case, though, it only makes people sick, doesn’t make them homicidal zombies.  And while there is a modicum of nobility in this film that focuses on the relationship between to surviving brothers in a world of post-apocalypse, it’s still pretty lame.

I’ve got mixed feelings about the rating system the way that it currently works, meaning that violence and gore makes for a more shocking and unrepressed vision of horror.  And yet truly frightening stuff isn’t based purely on gore, but rather on drama and mood.  And yet, when it comes down to it, when you know how dangerous the film might be, how likely it is to shock and horrify, it sort of denudes it.  To an extent.

How much does one find the possibility of genre and the spectrum interesting?  I don’t know.  The bottom line is that this film is a PG-13 rated version of post-apocalyptic disease-ridden horror, a strangely limp-wristed Zombieland (2009).  And while the film attempts to be one of the more emotional and meaningful approaches to horror over shock value, it’s kind of sad when comedic semi-satire is still a lot more entertaining.

Not really terrible, just not really worth mentioning either.

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