The Descent: Part 2

The Descent: Part 2 (2009) movie poster

(2009) dir. Jon Harris
viewed: 05/07/10

The Descent (2005) was a more interesting than average horror film from one of the directors associated with the media-created name, “the splat pack”, director Neil Marshall.  A sequel, I suppose was inevitable, and as my penchant for horror films seems to be peaking, my viewing it was inevitable, too.  Even though it might have been a straight-to-DVD affair and not directed by Marshall, I was still up for it.

Part 2 picks up literally where the last one ended, with the lone survivor of an all-female spelunking adventure, covered in blood, waves down a motorist and is taken to a hospital.  Actually, as I recall, in the first one there was some ambiguous last minute scream, we’ll still pretend that this is where it left off.  Now, she’s blanked out on the whole experience, and with her five other friends potentially still lost in the cave maze, authorities send a group of searchers to see if they are still alive.  In movie time, it’s  only been two days.

What the lead actress has forgotten and the others are due to find out is that the cave system is inhabited with bat-like humanoids, blind, violent creatures that have sharp teeth, no working eyes, and like to tear out people’s jugular veins as a means of subduing their prey.

As a sequel, there is a tendency to want to “up the ante”.  More monsters, more blood, more gore, more repugnance.

In that sense, the movie delivers a number of gross body fluids often getting spurted into the faces and open mouths of the living.  And there’s some crushing and chopping and so forth and even a swim in the creatures’ toilet.

So, it’s gross.  But overly, it’s also a decently produced picture with likeable enough of a cast to keep the movie enjoyable.  It lacks the surprise and mystery of the original, though it does a reasonable job of developing the story, silly as it is that they would drag the survivor back to this scene only a couple of days after her freaked out escape.

Not so novel, in fact, far less interesting, but still it’s a decent flick.  If you liked the first one, it’s not a huge disappointment.  But I did have to ponder to myself exactly why I was renting and following up with a sequel that I already anticipated to be probably below the quality level of the original.  Sometimes it’s good not to ponder these things.  Sometimes it’s good just watch and enjoy the whatever it is.

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